What Separates Us?

Aug 24, 2018

oho-front-door.jpgThe question that we always hear when families and players are looking at our program is “what separates us from the regular system”.  The answer is quite simple: At Okanagan Hockey, we create a comprehensive environment that solely focuses on the development of young student athletes in the key areas that drive success.  These include an unwavering commitment to academic success and support, a highly professional hockey process that’s sole purpose is to prepare young athletes for the next level, and a consistent approach to value system development that is essential to the growth of all young people in and outside the game.

In order to provide each student athlete with the tools to succeed, it is imperative to put them in a highly structured, focused environment and surround them with professionals that truly care about all aspects of the student athlete’s life.  This can only be accomplished through daily guidance, teaching, support and communication.  We cannot reach any of our goals unless we are committed to the process 24 hours a day.  Having two to three interactions per week with an aspiring student/athlete has very little effect on the development process.  Progression is achieved through clear expectations, consistent messaging and an unwavering work ethic from the leadership.  At Okanagan Hockey, we are knowledgeable, prepared, and most importantly, we are extremely experienced in helping young student athletes reach and exceed their goals.

If you have ever thought about something different, please have a look at what we do and how we can be part of your student athlete process.

If you're interested in playing for the Okanagan Hockey Ontario U18 AAA team in Whitby, please contact Paul Pascuzzi at paulpascuzzi@okanaganhockey.com


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Joining Okanagan Hockey Academy was the best decision I made to advance my hockey development. I grew as a person and as a player thanks to our amazing coaches. My education was held to a very high standard by our education advisor and tutors. I also met people who will be lifelong friends."