Self-Confidence: An important tool for any hockey player

Nov 20, 2014

Self-Confidence: An Important Tool for any Hockey Player

OHATeamsCircle.jpgWhether you’re public speaking or playing hockey, strong self-confidence will help you give a better performance. High self-confidence will always give you an extra few percent in everything you do. Likewise, low self-confidence can have a negative impact on your performance, hindering your game and ability to succeed both on and off the ice. So how do you make sure you are self-confident when you head out on the ice?

Focus on the Positives: Before and after every game or practice, think about the attributes that you bring to the team. What are you best at? Remind yourself of your skills and what others value in you. Say them out loud to give them more weight. Mind over matter is a real thing, and telling yourself that you are a great skater will help you to become a great skater.

Work Hard: Putting in the effort will help improve your self-confidence. If you’ve spent time working on your game, you’re more likely to feel confident about your abilities. After all, practice makes perfect!

Believe in Yourself: Always believe in yourself, no matter what. If you’ve been selected for the team, you are there on merit. Remember that! Remind yourself of this every time you go out on the ice.

Take Charge of the Things You Can Control: When it comes to your game, focus on the things you can realistically improve and work towards those targets. Your coaches will help you set challenging yet attainable goals. Consistent improvement is another way to stay self-confident.

Visualize How You Would Like to Perform: Before each hockey game, maybe as you go to sleep the night before, think about how you would like to perform in the upcoming game. What would an amazing performance from you look like? Focus on this and visualize performing to the best of your abilities. This will help you focus and improve your self-confidence.

It is important to remember that there’s a very fine line between self-confidence and arrogance. While it is important to be self-confident, avoid arrogance at all costs. An arrogant attitude will be detrimental to your game and development. Remain humble and acknowledge your teammates, coaches, parents and all those who have helped you become the player that you are and continue to work on any weaknesses in your game. High self-confidence will make you a better player, arrogance will not.


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