Apr 14, 2020

positive-puck-1-square.pngWe are all in this together.

We all miss the game together.

We all can get through this challenging time together.

Hockey teaches us some amazing life skills, problem solving tools and valuable lessons we can use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like all of you we miss seeing the artistry on the ice. Normally a hockey players canvas is at the rink where they paint beautiful pictures game in and game out. Mesmerizing dangles and dekes, selfless spectacular setup’s, jaw dropping acrobatic saves, or sensational snipes and goal scoring celly’s.

Without the ability to do something we love, we here at the Okanagan Hockey Group challenge you to get creative and maybe even a little competitive.

Paint a puck for positivity and then pass the same challenge forward to one of your teammates, coaches, friends or family members. Hockey moms and dads sit down with your sons and daughters to inspire the people around you with something unique, something beautiful, something we have never seen before. Take a puck and turn it into a piece of art. Use colours, pictures, words and your imagination to show what it is like to be Hockey Strong!

The game plan is simple enough:

  1. Grab a puck
  2. Get out your paints, markers, scissors, glue, glitter, pictures and anything else you can think of to use
  3. Create your masterpiece
  4. Take a picture or video and share it with the world on your social media channels
  5. Use the hashtag #PUCKS4POSITIVITY
  6. Tag @OkanaganHockey on Twitter and Instagram
  7. Pass it forward to someone else by tagging the person you challenge

As we have witnessed over the past few weeks, a strong united community plays a vital role when things are tough. For us, the silver lining during this challenging time are the incredible acts of kindness, support and community that we are all witnessing all around us each and every day. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

Please join us in paying it forward by creating some PUCKS 4 POSITIVITY.


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