Okanagan Hockey to open new academy in Edmonton

Apr 29, 2015

Notable hockey academy will welcome young athletes to northern Alberta

EDMONTON – The Okanagan Hockey Group (OHG), in partnership with the Royal Glenora Club, is excited to announce the creation of a new Okanagan Hockey Academy in Edmonton. Since the opening of its first academy in Penticton in 2002, OHG has established itself as a committed and credible leader, providing specialized and vigorous athletic and academic development programs for aspiring junior and senior high student athletes across Canada.

RGC_Exterior_crop.jpgWith experience, knowledge and a passion for hockey, OHG has been developing young hockey players in a professional, fun and caring environment since 1963. The new Edmonton academy will bring together OHG’s expertise and extensive network, while giving local students the opportunity to train close to home. OHG’s success can be seen through its placement of more than 100 alumni in junior, collegiate and professional hockey leagues around the world.

The coaching team will be led by Randall Weber, a former professional player with over 24 years of coaching experience. Having previously coached at the Penticton academy, Weber has a strong understanding of OHG’s background and training approach. Sean Brown, former NHL player and Oilers Defenseman, will also be joining the academy, working with the students in skills development and training. 

“The Okanagan Hockey Group is thrilled to be opening our second Canadian location in Edmonton,” said Andy Oakes, President, Okanagan Hockey Group. “The new location will give Albertan students the opportunity to train within their home province and continue to participate in a familiar education system. The academy’s all-encompassing approach fosters growth and sport excellence within our athletes.”

Ross_Sheppard_Exterior_Crop.jpgWorking with its partners, OHG will ensure athletes develop skills both on and off the ice. Its agreement with Ross Sheppard High School will oversee athlete academics, educational requirements and the creation of flexible schedules to accommodate practices. Athletes will play, practice and train at the Royal Glenora Club – a state-of-the-fitness facility that has been serving Edmontonians since 1961.

“The Royal Glenora Club is proud to partner with OHG on this amazing athletic initiative,” said David Martin, General Manager, Royal Glenora Club. “The club strongly understands and values the important role sport, especially hockey, plays within our community. We are honoured to contribute to the development and success of our nation’s young and aspiring athletes.”

Tryout camps for the academy will be held June 5 – 7 at the Royal Glenora Club.

About the Okanagan Hockey Group:

The Okanagan Hockey Group was founded in 1963 in Penticton, B.C., Canada. Since its establishment, Okanagan Hockey Group has become an icon in the hockey camp industry and has grown to be the longest operating hockey camp in the world. In 2002, Okanagan Hockey Academy was established as the first hockey specific sport school recognized by BC Hockey and Hockey Canada. OHA’s success can be seen in the long list of players who have moved on to play at the WHL, Junior A, University and International levels. With the vast amount of knowledge and incredible network throughout our staff, our athletes have the inside track to move on to the next level.

About the Royal Glenora Club:

The Royal Glenora Club is Edmonton’s premier, member-owned, family-oriented, sport and social club. The Club is committed to enriching the lives of its membership by providing an environment conducive to healthy living and personal excellence.


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In 2010 I was fortunate enough to play at the Okanagan Hockey Academy on the Midget Prep team. With coaches like Robert Dirk and Greg Holst it was an unbelievable year. I have to this day still never been on such a close-knit team. It was my first year of midget hockey and that meant a lot more travel. Playing in the CSSHL I got the opportunity to play in some pretty awesome spots. The league helped me learn to stay on top of school, which has helped me not only in college but also in junior. I was able to make an easy jump to junior and college academically with the help of Dave Nackoney, a guidance counselor at Penticton Secondary School who works with all the student athletes. To this day if I need anything he is always more than willing to help. It is the great staff that left such an impression on me, and made it possible for me to be where I am today.