OHG partners with Tornado's Edge

Feb 01, 2018

The Okanagan Hockey Group is pleased to announce a new partnership with Tornado’s Edge.

"At Okanagan Hockey, we are always looking for innovative products and ideas we can add to our existing training platforms and Tornado's Edge has a product we are excited about," said Blake Wesley, Manager of Camps and Hockey Operations. "Using the Skate Trainer in our younger Camps not only adds another element to the Camps, but offers young players the chance to really take their skating to the next level."

OHG will be using the Tornado’s Edge skating device at all four summer Okanagan Hockey Camp locations. This device is an innovative and excellent teaching tool for youth hockey players to improve the most critical skill of the game, skating. The devices will be used primarily in the Learn to Play and Development Camps this summer.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Okanagan Hockey Group, the hockey school pioneer that has evolved their programming with the game since 1963,” said Derek Fortier, CEO of Tornado’s Edge. “We are fortunate that OHG views Tornado’s Edge in the same way as we do; a platform that accelerates how to learn various edging techniques for athletes of all ages and abilities.  OHG has mastered onboarding an athlete and exposing them to an optimized learning platform which achieves the biggest improvements possible in a condensed timeframe. With such an emphasis on skating in hockey these days, we know that this partnership will evolve into an elite skating platform for all athletes. Teaching skating techniques just got a lot more fun.”

Although primarily used this summer in the Learn to Play and Development Camps, the Tornado’s Edge skating device is also very useful in teaching older, more accomplished skaters proper edge control, with increased difficulty in drill sets, making them a more efficient and confident skater.


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