OHA Awards 2013-14

Jun 21, 2014

The Okanagan Hockey Academy recently dished out some hardware at their annual awards banquet.

Full list of award winners:


The Citizenship Award

Micah Hart




Team Academic Awards

Male Prep: Brody Willms

Varsity Red: Blake Holowaty, Tyrell Buckley

Varsity Black: Raymond Fleming

Elite 15s: Danny Gatenby

Bantam Red: Jordan Schulting, Griffin Mendel, Chase Stevenson

Bantam Black: Tyran Robertson

Female Prep: Stephanie Rempe



Most Valuable Player

Male Prep: Wyatt Sloboshan

Varsity Red: Blake Holowaty

Varsity Black: Rye Gillis

Elite 15s: Taylor Ward

Bantam Red: Scott Walford

Bantam Black: Logan Larock

Female Prep: Emily Clark


VarsityRed_LeadingScorer_Holowatyx.jpgLeading Scorer

Male Prep: Matt Campese

Varsity Red: Blake Holowaty

Varsity Black: Gleb Golubchikov

Elite 15s: Taylor Ward

Bantam Red: Michael Rasmussen

Bantam Black: Cline Borle

Female Prep: Emily Clark


VarsityBlack_MostImproved_AdrianNicholasx.jpgMost Improved

Male Prep: Andy Stevens

Varsity Red: Sam Jones

Varsity Black: Alex Molnar

Elite 15s: Greg Brydon

Bantam Red: Ethan O’Rourke

Bantam Black: Palmer Jenkins

Female Prep: Alyssa MacMillan


FemaleInspirational_AuroreBeaulieux.jpgMost Inspirational

Male Prep: Christian Brandt

Varsity Red: Bailey Stephens

Varsity Black: Adrian Nicholas

Elite 15s: Josh Coblenz

Bantam Red: Griffin Mendel

Bantam Black: Landan Robertson

Female Prep: Aurore Beaulieu



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In 2010 I was fortunate enough to play at the Okanagan Hockey Academy on the Midget Prep team. With coaches like Robert Dirk and Greg Holst it was an unbelievable year. I have to this day still never been on such a close-knit team. It was my first year of midget hockey and that meant a lot more travel. Playing in the CSSHL I got the opportunity to play in some pretty awesome spots. The league helped me learn to stay on top of school, which has helped me not only in college but also in junior. I was able to make an easy jump to junior and college academically with the help of Dave Nackoney, a guidance counselor at Penticton Secondary School who works with all the student athletes. To this day if I need anything he is always more than willing to help. It is the great staff that left such an impression on me, and made it possible for me to be where I am today.