Five Questions: Mike Duco

Aug 24, 2019

mike-duco-2019-headshot.jpgMike Duco will once again be behind the bench for Okanagan Hockey Ontario this season.

With the season getting set to kick-off shortly, we caught up with the 18U Head Coach in our latest Five Questions feature.

How was your experience in your first season as Head Coach at Okanagan Hockey Ontario?

It was a great, really enjoyed seeing the dedication of our student athletes committed themselves to getting better every day for a full 10 months.

What did you enjoy most about being with the student athletes from September to June?

We have the privilege of seeing our students grow into mature student athletes. On the ice, it is great seeing what we can do with a student athlete and how we can develop them by really focusing on their individual skills throughout the year. The most enjoyable part is seeing our athletes take responsibility for themselves and independently handling their day to day activities.

What kind of growth did you see in yourself as a coach this past season?

I saw myself growing into a mentor role, being a big brother during a crucial point in their development as students and hockey players

What are you looking forward to most about next season?

Going into my second year, I am looking forward to using last years’ experience to trust the process and push our players to follow our routine and development model. I am excited to welcome our new athletes and to see the growth of our second-year athletes coming back. It’s an exciting time getting to lead our team and build off our successes from last year.

What can returning and new student athletes on your team next season expect

I believe they can expect me to push them to be their best. Teaching them to train and work hard each and every day to get better and achieve their goals. Our returning players understand that I want the best for them and look forward to setting those standards for the new athletes. 

There are limited spots remaining at the forward and defence position for the upcoming season. If you are interested in learning more, please contact General Manager Paul Pascuzzi at


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