Dixon Ward named Vice President of Hockey

May 04, 2021


Okanagan Hockey Group President Andy Oakes announced today the appointment of Dixon Ward as the Vice President of Hockey for Okanagan Hockey Group.

Dixon has been Vice President with Okanagan Hockey Group in multiple roles since 2005 which gives him a clear understanding of all of the hockey products that OHG has to offer.  Most importantly, Dixon has a deep understanding of today’s youth and what is required to best develop young hockey players. 

This appointment is to bring standardization and consistency to the Okanagan Hockey Group’s hockey products that are delivered globally through our five locations in Austria, England, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. 

Through this new role, Dixon will be working with all the divisions on their hockey products and through collaboration, research, and resources, will develop OHG’s exclusive hockey platform.

Dixon’s background as a player having played almost 600 NHL games and another 200 plus games in multiple Pro leagues in North America and Switzerland along with being a two time member of Team Canada, has given him the experience to learn and develop in multiple hockey organizations that can assist in his new role with OHG. 

As an organization with a philosophy of continuous improvement, we are focused on the details of our hockey operations to ensure we are providing today’s athletes with the most progressive approach to hockey development available.


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Tyler Soy

Going to OHA was one of the greatest decisions I have made for my hockey career. OHA prepared me for the next level. Skating, strength, speed, conditioning. I wouldn't be the player and person that I am today if I hadn’t chosen OHA."