5 Tips to Make Travelling Easier

Sep 18, 2014

Canada is pretty big, and no matter whether you’re a professional hockey player, or you’re working toward that goal, travelling is going to be a big part of your life.

If you like travelling and being on the road, you’re probably relishing the opportunity to see new towns and new terrain. But what if you find travelling difficult?

Take the Opportunity to Bond with Your Teammates

Being on the road represents a great opportunity to bond with your teammates. You’ll be spending a lot of time together while you’re on the road, so take the chance to get to know your fellow players better. Not only will this help you enjoy the trip more, but it will help improve team morale and chemistry.

Appreciate the Places you Get to Visit

Not many people get to travel far and wide, so try to appreciate all of the places that you get to visit. Realize that you’re very fortunate to travel so much and consider keeping a journal. While it may seem silly now, in as little as a few months, you can look back on the memories that you had on the bus and after games and get some perspective that will make you a stronger player and person.

Make a Playlist, Bring a Book… Do Something You’ll Enjoy

Sure, the main focus of the trip is to play hockey, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have some downtime. Bring your iPod (perhaps make a playlist especially for the trip), bring a book with you, or download a movie or two. Whatever it is you like to do. Not being bored in your downtime will help you enjoy the trip a whole lot more.

Keep in Touch

Thanks to modern technology, keeping up with your friends and family back home is super easy! Take advantage of it. These are little luxuries that the pros and young players didn’t have 50 years ago. Actually, they didn’t even have them 15 years ago! When you feel like you miss your family or friends, send a quick text or Facebook message, but don’t get caught up in it. You still need to stay focused on your team and the game.

Focus on your Goal

You’re hitting the road to play hockey, so focus on that. Keep your mind on what you need to do while you’re on the road to get the results that you want. Throw yourself into the cause!

Depending on what you have going on in your life, or what time of day you are travelling, you may also want to use your time on the road to study, get caught up on homework, or get some much needed sleep. Above all else, do your best to stay positive and polite while you’re on the bus. Your coaches will notice and appreciate your attitude both on and off the ice.


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