Each week, Okanagan Hockey hosts a WHL On-Ice Combine Testing session for all camp participants to attend at the Okanagan Hockey Training Centre in Penticton, BC.

WHL On-Ice Combines can be added to any camp registration or anytime prior to the start of camp by registering on the link below.

WHL On-Ice Combines are available to both players and goalies born 2004-2011.

Schedules will be communicated prior to the week of camp. (Typically they will run either Tuesday or Wednesday evening, in Penticton only at this time.)


The Western Hockey League, in partnership with the Okanagan Hockey Group has tested more than 25,000 players across Western Canada and the United States. WHL On-Ice Combines provides minor hockey players with an ability assessment, and offers exposure to the WHL by participating in comprehensive on-ice testing with state of the art equipment designed by Sport Testing Inc.

The WHL On-Ice Combine provides players with a unique player development experience where they will measure themselves through standardized testing protocols.  The ability to compare results and identify areas of weakness will enable players to take their game to the next level as they strive to play at the highest possible level.  WHL On-Ice Combines are an exciting opportunity to improve your individual development and gain a better understanding of your ability. Attending this 75 minute session is a developmental opportunity for all players.

**PLEASE NOTE** WHL Combine testing is already included in the following camps/events: The Speed Camp, The 2007 Western Prospects Showcase and the Western Prospects Tournament in Penticton, BC.


Upon completion of testing, athletes are given access to an extensive on-line database with over 25,000 athletes tested by the WHL Combines. Athletes can set filters within the database by gender and age, to see how they compare. Athletes can also review progress reports within each individual test to self-assess, pin-point areas of needed improvement and make adjustments to their own training and skill development programs.

The test results for all WHL Combines are shared with all WHL General Managers and Head Scouts to track and identify future prospects for the draft and their teams.



Upon completion of a WHL On-Ice Combine, each athlete receives their very own on-line account, with access to:

  • Athlete Report: This is provided after each completed WHL Combine testing event. It includes your individual results and combine comparative results to event peers
  • Sport Pulse: This is updated after each completed WHL Combine testing event. It is a comprehensive progress report portraying your results over time, within each individual test.
  • Access to WHL Database: compare your results to over 25,000 athletes tested with WHL Combines
  • Access to Sport Testing Database: compare your results to over 50,000 athletes tested with Sport-Testing

Use your results to track your development progress, highlight areas of your game that need improvement, target your on-ice training needs, and set goals for future testing events.


The WHL Prospect Skills Combine Standard On-Ice Skater Testing consists of 10 total test configurations, within four test formats: Sprint Test, Reaction Test, Weave Agility Test and the Transition Agility Test. Take the Virtual Combine, and view all 10 tests!


For more information, ask our Camp Specialists: 1-888-844-6611


DateCityPrice (CAD)Register
Week of July 5, 2021Penticton$78.75
Week of July 12, 2021Penticton$78.75
Week of July 19, 2021Penticton$78.75
Week of July 26, 2021Penticton$78.75
Week of Aug 2, 2021Penticton$78.75
Week of Aug 9, 2021Penticton$78.75
Week of Aug 16, 2021Penticton$78.75
Week of Aug 23, 2021Penticton$78.75

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