As we pack our suit cases for Dubai we can't help but wish we were there for another week. Our boys had a successful, enjoyable and memorable camp again this year. Thank you for being so approachable, friendly and inviting during our stay at camp. Although we can't be certain we will be there next year, we are truly hoping we can make it work some how!"

I wanted to give you some very positive feedback about your camp in Penticton. It was a great week. Duke said it was the best time he ever had! Tyler was a great leader and the days flowed quickly. The shooters were excellent and kept the goalies on their toes. The counsellors were so good with the kids. Duke’s counsellor was Kendal. He was good at keeping the kids in toe and yet had their complete respect. Please pass only thanks to him. It was amazing to watch a young lad like him work so well with a group of 11-12 year olds. At this point we are hoping to return to the camp next year!"

Okanagan Hockey Camps in Calgary has been a part of my summer for the past five years. I have participated in a wide variety of camps but they all offer the same thing: quality training off and on the ice, meeting of new players that share a passion for the game and great mentors and coaches like Spencer, my coach and role model for the past five years. I look forward to returning to camp next summer and hope to one day be a coach."

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In 2010 I was fortunate enough to play at the Okanagan Hockey Academy on the Midget Prep team. With coaches like Robert Dirk and Greg Holst it was an unbelievable year. I have to this day still never been on such a close-knit team. It was my first year of midget hockey and that meant a lot more travel. Playing in the CSSHL I got the opportunity to play in some pretty awesome spots. The league helped me learn to stay on top of school, which has helped me not only in college but also in junior. I was able to make an easy jump to junior and college academically with the help of Dave Nackoney, a guidance counselor at Penticton Secondary School who works with all the student athletes. To this day if I need anything he is always more than willing to help. It is the great staff that left such an impression on me, and made it possible for me to be where I am today.