• Low price point – Camp fees of only $199 plus taxes and fees
  • Put your training to the test!
  • Hundreds of shots and game situation drills daily
  • 2.5 hours of ice time daily
  • Daily strength and conditioning
  • Daily off ice skills – bring gloves and player stick
  • Fun camp experience with the same age skater group
  • End of session game
  • Only two spots per camp


Choose a location to view specific session dates and fees.

SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 1Power Skating/Shooters Combo2010-201107/06/202007/10/2020$199
Session 2Power Skating/Shooters Combo2008-200907/13/202007/17/2020$199
Session 2Power Skating/Battle Combo2010-201107/13/202007/17/2020$199
Session 3Shooters & Scorers2005-200707/20/202007/24/2020$199
Session 3Combo Camps2008-200907/20/202007/24/2020$199
Session 3Combo Camps2010-201107/20/202007/24/2020$199
Session 4Power Skating/Battle Combo2005-200707/27/202007/31/2020$199
Session 4Conditioning & Performance2010-201107/27/202007/31/2020$199
Session 5Shooters & Scorers2005-200708/03/202008/07/2020$199
Session 5Shooters & Scorers2008-200908/03/202008/07/2020$199
Session 5Shooters & Scorers2010-201108/03/202008/07/2020$199
Session 6Combo Camps2008-200908/10/202008/14/2020$199
Session 6Combo Camps2010-201108/10/202008/14/2020$199
Session 7Power Skating/Battle Combo2005-200708/17/202008/21/2020$199
Session 7Shooters & Scorers2008-200908/17/202008/21/2020$199
Session 7Shooters & Scorers2010-201108/17/202008/21/2020$199
Session 8Conditioning & Performance2005-200708/24/202008/28/2020$199
Session 8Conditioning & Performance2008-200908/24/202008/28/2020$199
Session 8Conditioning & Performance2010-201108/24/202008/28/2020$199
SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 1Power Skating/Shooters Combo2010-201107/27/202007/31/2020$199
Session 2Power Skating/Battle Combo2010-201108/03/202008/07/2020$199
Session 3Shooters & Scorers2005-200708/10/202008/14/2020$199
Session 3Power Skating/Shooters Combo2010-201108/10/202008/14/2020$199
Session 4Conditioning & Performance2005-200708/17/202008/21/2020$199
Session 4Conditioning & Performance2008-200908/17/202008/21/2020$199
Session 4Shooters & Scorers2008-200908/17/202008/21/2020$199
Session 4Conditioning & Performance2010-201108/17/202008/21/2020$199
SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 1Shooters & Scorers2008-200907/19/202007/24/2020$199
Session 1Power Skating/Shooters Combo2010-201107/19/202007/24/2020$199
Session 2Power Skating/Shooters Combo2005-200707/26/202007/31/2020$199
Session 2Power Skating/Battle Combo2008-200907/26/202007/31/2020$199
Session 2Power Skating/Battle Combo2010-201107/26/202007/31/2020$199
Session 3Power Skating/Battle Combo2005-200708/02/202008/07/2020$199
Session 3Power Skating/Shooters Combo2008-200908/02/202008/07/2020$199
Session 3Power Skating/Shooters Combo2010-201108/02/202008/07/2020$199
Session 4Conditioning & Performance2008-200908/09/202008/14/2020$199
Session 4Conditioning & Performance2010-201108/09/202008/14/2020$199
SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 1Power Skating/Shooters Combo2008-200907/13/202007/17/2020$199
Session 1Power Skating/Shooters Combo2010-201107/13/202007/17/2020$199
Session 2Shooters & Scorers2005-200707/20/202007/24/2020$199
Session 2Shooters & Scorers2008-200907/20/202007/24/2020$199
Session 2Shooters & Scorers2010-201107/20/202007/24/2020$199
Session 3Power Skating/Battle Combo2008-200907/27/202007/31/2020$199
Session 3Power Skating/Battle Combo2010-201107/27/202007/31/2020$199
Session 4Conditioning & Performance2008-200908/03/202008/07/2020$199
Session 4Conditioning & Performance2010-201108/03/202008/07/2020$199

Cancellation Policy

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Josh Mahura

At the end of grade nine, my parents and I decided it would be beneficial for both my hockey and scholastic development to attend OHA the next year. We toured other hockey academies, but ultimately felt OHA was the best fit for me. The coach’s and trainer’s expertise allowed me to learn more about the game, further develop my skills, strength and stamina and readied me to enter the WHL as a competent and confident 16 year old. With the support of great teachers and tutors my grades improved and I made friends that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend OHA for the player who is looking to take their game, grades and life skills to the next level."