Sunday to Friday Full Day Camp


  • Low price point – Camp fees of only $199 plus taxes and fees
  • Put your training to the test!
  • Hundreds of shots and game situation drills daily
  • 2.5 hours of ice time daily
  • Daily strength and Conditioning
  • Daily off ice skills – bring gloves and player stick
  • Fun camp experience with the same age skater group
  • End of session game
  • Only 2 spots per camp


Choose a location to view specific session dates and fees.

SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 1Shooters & Scorers2007-200807//07/201907/12/2019$199
Session 2Battle & Compete2007-200807/14/201907/19/2019$199
Session 3Combo Camps2009-201007/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 3Combo Camps2007-200807/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2009-201007/28/201908/02/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2007-200807/28/201908/02/2019$199
Session 4Combo Camps2004-200607/28/201908/02/2019$199
Session 5Battle & Compete2007-200808/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 5Shooters & Scorers2007-200808/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 5Shooters & Scorers2004-200608/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 6Combo Camps2009-201008/11/201908/16/2019$199
Session 6Combo Camps2007-200808/11/201908/16/2019$199
Session 7Advanced Skills & Conditioning2009-201008/18/201908/23/2019$199
Session 7Advanced Skills & Conditioning2007-200808/18/201908/23/2019$199
Session 7Advanced Skills & Conditioning2003-200608/18/201908/23/2019$199
SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 2Battle and Compete2007-200808/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 2Battle and Compete2004-200608/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 3Shooters and Scorers2004-200608/11/201908/16/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2009-201008/18/201908/23/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2007-200808/18/201908/23/2019$199
Session 4Shooters and Scorers2007-200808/18/201908/23/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2004-200608/18/201908/23/2019$199
SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 1Shooters and Scorers2007-200807/14/201907/19/2019$199
Session 2Battle and Compete2004-200607/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 3Shooters and Scorers2004-200607/28/201908/02/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2009-201008//04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2007-200808//04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2004-200608//04/201908/09/2019$199
SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 1Combo Camps2007-200807/14/201907/19/2019$199
Session 1Battle and Compete2004-200607/14/201907/19/2019$199
Session 2Combo Camps2009-201007/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 2Shooters and Scorers2007-200807/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 2Shooters and Scorers2004-200607/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning 2009-201008/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning 2007-200808/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning 2004-200608/04/201908/09/2019$199

Looking for a program you can trust?

We have over 50 years of experience.

Being a part of the Okanagan Hockey Academy has been an extremely rewarding and unforgettable experience. It has enabled me to gain confidence and acquire life long skills expanding beyond the game of hockey. The balance between academics and athletics is superb, allowing you to achieve your ultimate success. The academy assisted me in achieving my dream of playing hockey at the NCAA level while studying Pre-Medicine. Without this caring support group, none of this would have been possible and I am forever grateful.