Sunday to Friday Full Day Camp


  • Low price point – Camp fees of only $199 plus taxes and fees
  • Put your training to the test!
  • Hundreds of shots and game situation drills daily
  • 2.5 hours of ice time daily
  • Daily strength and Conditioning
  • Daily off ice skills – bring gloves and player stick
  • Fun camp experience with the same age skater group
  • End of session game
  • Only 2 spots per camp


Choose a location to view specific session dates and fees.

SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 1Shooters & Scorers2007-200807//07/201907/12/2019$199
Session 2Battle & Compete2007-200807/14/201907/19/2019$199
Session 3Combo Camps2009-201007/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 3Combo Camps2007-200807/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2009-201007/28/201908/02/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2007-200807/28/201908/02/2019$199
Session 4Combo Camps2004-200607/28/201908/02/2019$199
Session 5Battle & Compete2007-200808/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 5Shooters & Scorers2007-200808/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 5Shooters & Scorers2004-200608/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 6Combo Camps2009-201008/11/201908/16/2019$199
Session 6Combo Camps2007-200808/11/201908/16/2019$199
Session 7Advanced Skills & Conditioning2009-201008/18/201908/23/2019$199
Session 7Advanced Skills & Conditioning2007-200808/18/201908/23/2019$199
Session 7Advanced Skills & Conditioning2003-200608/18/201908/23/2019$199
SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 2Battle and Compete2007-200808/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 3Shooters and Scorers2004-200608/11/201908/16/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2009-201008/18/201908/23/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2007-200808/18/201908/23/2019$199
Session 4Shooters and Scorers2007-200808/18/201908/23/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2004-200608/18/201908/23/2019$199
SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 1Shooters and Scorers2007-200807/14/201907/19/2019$199
Session 2Battle and Compete2004-200607/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 3Shooters and Scorers2004-200607/28/201908/02/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2009-201008//04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2007-200808//04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning2004-200608//04/201908/09/2019$199
SessionCampBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 1Combo Camps2007-200807/14/201907/19/2019$199
Session 1Battle and Compete2004-200607/14/201907/19/2019$199
Session 2Combo Camps2009-201007/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 2Shooters and Scorers2007-200807/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 2Shooters and Scorers2004-200607/21/201907/26/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning 2009-201008/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning 2007-200808/04/201908/09/2019$199
Session 4Advanced Skills & Conditioning 2004-200608/04/201908/09/2019$199

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