Why is Edmonton different? There are theories. Maybe it’s our northern home, where for years we’ve learned to make our own fun. Perhaps it’s our legacy of entrepreneurs dreaming up oddities: the continent’s first, biggest and wildest Fringe theatre festival and a shopping mall that at one time had more submarines than the Canadian navy. Some of the most iconic and adventurous restaurants in Canada launched here, and new ones are opening every month. And Edmonton is home to several custom designers which puts Edmontonians and visitors in one-of-a-kind looks! Edmontonians have always been unusually keen to try, and build, something new.

Edmonton has always been a hidden gem – once a magnet for fur traders, gold prospectors and other fortune seekers and now we shine as an arts and culture hub with festivals on the horizon year round. From close encounters with free roaming bison to surfing indoors to taking your taste buds on a journey to some of the hottest craft beer taprooms, hyper-local bistros and indie bakeries in Canada, you’ll find there’s a uniqueness to how Edmontonians do ordinary things.                                               

We’re a big city with small town values; a vibrant urban centre in the heart of wilderness. And we’re home of the most parkland per capita of any Canadian city, with a river valley system that's 22 times the size of New York City's Central Park! So pack your hiking shoes to trek through the river valley trails, pack your shopping shoes to trek through the local boutiques, farmers markets and cafés, and most importantly pack your sense of adventure.

One thing’s for sure –if you’re looking for an unforgettable, original experience, you’ll find it in Edmonton. Check out ExploreEdmonton.com for all the proof you need.


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