combine invitational performance camp

This camp is open to players that have previously participated in one or more
WHL Combine events


The Okanagan Hockey combine testing protocol has proven to be a true indicator of on-ice success.  With over 15,000 tests in our data base, we have been able to analyze specific movements that relate to enhanced performance.

Combine testing is not only a comparative tool, it is also used as a process to establish an individual’s physical baselines, recognize strengths compared to specific benchmarks, and highlight weaknesses in all areas of physical movement.

When we are looking at the physical development of a young hockey player, it is important to realize what areas of movement are directly related to on-ice success.

  • Start quickness
  • Explosive power
  • Acceleration
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Transitional movement
  • With and without the puck comparatives

These are the key areas that absolutely relate to long term success and improvement. In order to address these areas, it is essential to begin with real-time data, specific technical on-ice training, video analysis, and a comprehensive off-ice platform that coincides and compliments on-ice programming.

Camp includes:

  • Testing on and off-ice.
  • Focused ice times addressing key components listed above
  • Focused off-ice education and training
  • Video analysis and teaching
  • Individual meetings to discuss test results
  • Take home training package designed to increase individual results.
SessionBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 12012-201407/06/202007/10/2020$599
Session 22012-201407/13/202007/17/2020$599
Session 32012-201407/20/202007/24/2020$599
Session 42012-201407/27/202007/31/2020$599
Session 52012-201408/03/202008/07/2020$599
Session 62012-201408/10/202008/14/2020$599
Session 72012-201408/17/202008/21/2020$599
Session 82012-201408/24/202008/28/2020$599
SessionBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 22012-201408/03/202008/07/2020$599
Session 32012-201408/10/202008/14/2020$599
Session 42012-201408/17/202008/21/2020$599
SessionBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 12012-201407/19/202007/24/2020$599
Session 22012-201407/26/202007/31/2020$599
Session 32012-201408/02/202008/07/2020$599
Session 42012-201408/09/202008/14/2020$599
SessionBirth YearsStart DateEnd DateFee (CDN)Register
Session 12012-201407/13/202007/17/2020$599
Session 22012-201407/20/202007/24/2020$599
Session 32012-201407/27/202007/31/2020$599
Session 42012-201408/03/202008/07/2020$599

Cancellation Policy

SessionBirth YearsLocationStartEndPrice (CAD)Register Skater
Session 22003-2007Penticton07/13/202007/17/2020$900

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Josh Mahura

At the end of grade nine, my parents and I decided it would be beneficial for both my hockey and scholastic development to attend OHA the next year. We toured other hockey academies, but ultimately felt OHA was the best fit for me. The coach’s and trainer’s expertise allowed me to learn more about the game, further develop my skills, strength and stamina and readied me to enter the WHL as a competent and confident 16 year old. With the support of great teachers and tutors my grades improved and I made friends that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend OHA for the player who is looking to take their game, grades and life skills to the next level."