OKANAGAN HOCKEY virtual academy

Dear Student-Athletes and Families,

The Okanagan Hockey Group sincerely hopes that all of you are doing your best to cope with this challenging time.

Taking care of our physical and mental health, and the health of our loved ones is the main priority for all of us. As we continue to deal with this pandemic, it is important to focus on our internal strength, patience, positivity, and facing adversity head-on. These are the times that the lessons that the game provides can help us immensely. The value systems that we work on and talk about every day through our development directly apply to how we handle this crisis and come out on the other side as better people, leaders, teammates, and student-athletes.

The Okanagan Hockey Academy has been working on a delivery and content platform that will allow us to continue this development with our student-athletes using the resources that are currently available to us. As we are certainly aware, access to any on-ice training is unavailable in the current climate. However, at this time of year, on-ice development becomes less important in the training and development cycle of hockey players. This is the time to reflect on your past season and recognize what areas of your individual game need your focus and attention. This is the time, not to prepare for next season, but to focus singularly on improvement on a day to day basis. This unique situation gives us all the opportunity to get better in all of the foundational abilities that we need to be our best.

Our Virtual Academy Program will allow us to focus individually on every student/athlete and provide the structure and accountability that is necessary for growth. The model that we have created will be called the “Human Performance Program”.

The Okanagan Hockey Human Performance Program is designed to provide a singular outcome/goal for all parts of the program. The model focuses on these key components:

  • Academics
  • Hockey
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Character, Leadership, and Community

We want to take each of these components and separate them as individual program units that are concentrated on increasing Human Performance with each of our student-athletes. Our goal at OHA is not simply to develop young people in these areas but to enhance their overall performance as people, students, and athletes. By separating the program into these units, it allows us to create a detailed, focused platform for each as a standalone entity.

In order for us to administer this program and to guarantee the best results, we have developed the following structure to ensure consistency and accountability.

9:00am – 11:00am Academics
11:00am – 1:00pm Nutrition and strength & conditioning
1:00pm – 3:00pm Academics/OHA based programming

The Academic program will be dictated by the school district and will be monitored by OHA. This is still a work in progress by the school systems and will be announced in the coming days.

The strength and conditioning program will consist of daily workouts that will be loaded onto each player's Kinduct App that they have been working off of this season. These workouts will be designed to do at home with limited equipment needed. They will be tracked through the app and will be reviewed by the trainers and strength and conditioning staff.


  • Character, Leadership, Community
  • Hockey
  • Academics
  • Strength & Conditioning

The OHA based programming will include:

  • Leadership training
  • Hockey Sense and game understanding
  • Video review
  • Off-ice skills program
  • Mental training
  • Team engagement
  • Social and community awareness
  • Project-based learning

In order for OHA to manage the focus and engagement of each athlete, every head coach will be scheduling a daily video conference call with each athlete on their team. These calls will include:

  • Daily review of academics
  • Daily review of strength and conditioning
  • Individualized feedback and focus areas
  • Discussion on long term outcomes
  • Nutrition
  • Community and social awareness

Although we are not in our traditional environment, we have a tremendous opportunity to provide each of our student-athletes with a unique program solely focused on enhancing Human Performance through these difficult times. The ability to overcome adversity and use it to your advantage is one of the greatest skills a hockey player/person can possess.

OHA is committed to doing anything we can to provide you all with the best possible programming we can through this time and we look forward to getting started.

Looking for a program you can trust?

We have over 50 years of experience.

OHA helped shape the person I am today in an abundance of ways. The training regime and on-ice practice went a long way in helping me achieve my set goals in hockey, while making the jump to the next level attainable. Ultimately, it was the lessons I learned off the ice that have shaped me the most. From learning to balance school with hockey, to building character and unity with my team. All in all, OHA was the best decision to not only further my hockey career, but also to further myself as a person."