PenHighCircle.jpgOur athletes are Student-Athletes which means education is one of our biggest priorities. OHA is in partnership with Penticton High, one of the highest rated schools in Western Canada, as well as Skaha Lake Middle School (Grade 8). Pen High and Skaha have implemented a schedule that allows our student athletes to attend school from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm without missing core classes for practice or training.

A weekly mandatory study hall provides our student athletes with an opportunity to have one on one instruction with our Academic Advisors and help manage their workload. Our Academic Advisor, Dave Nackoney, works diligently at helping our students navigate through SAT’s, ACT’s, and NCAA Clearinghouse ensuring that all options are available for our students when they are ready to attend a post-secondary institution. 

Visit: Penticton Secondary School | Skaha Lake Middle School

Nackoney.jpg“OHA students have had so much success at Pen High due to our structured and focused environment. Education is truly a priority for the academy and that’s why a great majority of their students are consistently on the honor roll.” - DAVE NACKONEY, OHA ACADEMIC ADVISOR

Emily_Clark.jpg"The staff at Pen-Hi made my time There unforgettable.  Being a student athlete, their support and understanding meant the world to me. They helped me set and reach my goals all while preparing me for University." - Emily Clark, Team Canada / University of Wisconsin, NCAA

Quick Facts About Pen High

  • State of the art campus
  • French Immersion program
  • 5 SAT/ACT writing dates
  • Full time OHA Academic Advisor
  • Team tutors in all subjects
  • Academic planning and college placement
  • Multiple academic streams including Advanced Placement courses
  • Weekly communication from school to coaches, parents and students



Dave Nackoney 
OHA Academic Advisor

Dave has been the OHA Academic Advisor since the inception of the program. Dave’s guidance and knowledge is a major part of the success our students have at Pen High, and the success they continue to have in all of their endeavors after they graduate. 

Chris Araki 
OHA Learning Strategies

Chris is one of our OHA Study Hall teachers, specializing in Math and Science and is also head of the Math Department at Pen High.

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OHA helped shape the person I am today in an abundance of ways. The training regime and on-ice practice went a long way in helping me achieve my set goals in hockey, while making the jump to the next level attainable. Ultimately, it was the lessons I learned off the ice that have shaped me the most. From learning to balance school with hockey, to building character and unity with my team. All in all, OHA was the best decision to not only further my hockey career, but also to further myself as a person."