Okanagan Hockey Ontario Testimonials

In its inaugural year, Okanagan Hockey Ontario has provided the framework for our son to grow and develop personally, academically and as a hockey player. We have found that the OHO administration, coaching staff, Henry St. High School teachers, guidance, ASAD, ETS and Neurochangers have worked collectively as a group to support all the players equally, pushing them to develop personally while also bringing them together as a team. This support is provided not by doing things for the players, but by creating opportunities for them. Through positive and negative feedback, players are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities in front of them, academically, in hockey, and in the community. The programming at OHO holds players accountable all the while pushing them to develop as both responsible and independent players and people."

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Luke Ripley

My time at OHA taught me what it means to be an elite athlete both on and off the ice. It is a big reason I am the player, I am today."