Okanagan Hockey Ontario Testimonials

In its inaugural year, Okanagan Hockey Ontario has provided the framework for our son to grow and develop personally, academically and as a hockey player. We have found that the OHO administration, coaching staff, Henry St. High School teachers, guidance, ASAD, ETS and Neurochangers have worked collectively as a group to support all the players equally, pushing them to develop personally while also bringing them together as a team. This support is provided not by doing things for the players, but by creating opportunities for them. Through positive and negative feedback, players are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities in front of them, academically, in hockey, and in the community. The programming at OHO holds players accountable all the while pushing them to develop as both responsible and independent players and people."

Okanagan Hockey Ontario offers an excellent program for young athletes; During the first year at OHO, our son learned so much BOTH on and off the ice. Everyone involved in OHO truly cares about helping these student athletes succeed in all aspects of life. Our son has been asked to work on all areas of his development and we are especially pleased that he has been encouraged to balance respect for academics with his passion for hockey. OHO cares about 'wins' both on and off the ice and their athletes are required to participate in community events that support character development and an appreciation for the things they already enjoy. This past year has been the best place for our son because of the expectation that student athletes are accountable equally to teachers and coaches - the two work together. Our son has had many unique opportunities we do not feel he would have outside of OHO and we would recommend this program 100%.

My experience with OHO was the best decision of my hockey career. My coaches, Jamie Johnson and Mike Duco, were both passionate, dedicated and skilled; they encouraged me to dig deeper mentally and physically. Our team was assigned a school guidance counsellor (Nicole Sorichetti) and she was very instrumental with my career path and my school grades. Paul Pascuzzi our General Manager insured that we kept our grades strong by implementing after school study halls which included dinner. This program was better than I excepted. OHO has made me stronger, better and wiser with skills that will take me through out my life’s journey. I would encourage any one that wishes to take their hockey career to the next level to join OHO.

It was not an easy decision to let our son live 2000 miles away from home so that he could pursue his school and hockey goals, but looking back on it now we have no regrets. From the beginning we noticed that the program was very well organized and focused on not letting school take a back seat to hockey. The coaches, management and teachers were all very encouraging of Simon and really wanted him to succeed. The billet parents were fantastic and treated Simon as one of their own. We are certain the bonds that Simon formed with his teammates will last a lifetime. The OHO experience was definitely a positive learning experience that has helped him grow into a young man."

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Luke Ripley

My time at OHA taught me what it means to be an elite athlete both on and off the ice. It is a big reason I am the player, I am today."