2021 Spring Program

Male Divisions: 2008-2009-2010-2011

Female Divisions: 2008-2009 

(2010 Females by referral only)


Registration is now Closed!

Join us for our Okanagan Elite 2021 Spring Evaluation Camp. This event will enable us to select  groups of like-minded players that are committed to continuing their hockey development through the spring with ice sessions, team play and possibly, tournaments. 

WHO: Males born 2008-2009-2010-2011-2012 and Females born 2008-2009 (2010 Females by referral)

WHEN: November 11th, 2020

WHERE: Okanagan Hockey Training Centre & Memorial Arena

PRICE: $125.00 plus tax


  • Each age division will receive 1.5 hours of ice time
  • On-ice skill development drills
  • Some spring team commitments will be made after the event
  • Jerseys will be provided
  • Covid-19 protocols will be communicated prior to the event


  • April to June, 2021
  • 6-8 practice weekends
  • Ice times in Penticton, BC. 
  • On-Ice development sessions and team play
  • Travel and tournaments to be determined
  • Cost of Spring 2021 Program to be determined



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OHA helped shape the person I am today in an abundance of ways. The training regime and on-ice practice went a long way in helping me achieve my set goals in hockey, while making the jump to the next level attainable. Ultimately, it was the lessons I learned off the ice that have shaped me the most. From learning to balance school with hockey, to building character and unity with my team. All in all, OHA was the best decision to not only further my hockey career, but also to further myself as a person."