The WHL Prospect Combine Standard On-Ice Skater Testing consists of 10 total test configurations, within four test formats: Sprint Test, Reaction Test, Weave Agility Test and the Transition Agility Test. Scroll down, to take the Virtual Combine, and view all 10 tests!


The sprint test is used to evaluate an athlete’s forward and backward acceleration and speed. In addition, the test is used to determine the athlete’s puck control competency in a linear direction. The four Sprint configurations are:



The Reaction test is used to evaluate an athlete’s reaction time to an unplanned change of direction and lateral agility with and without the puck. The skater is required to react to a random visual signal (a red or green light) as indicated by the proceeding gate. The two Reaction configurations are:


The Weave Agility test is used to evaluate an athlete’s forward acceleration and ability to maintain speed while performing multi-directional changes both with and without the puck. This test requires the athlete to navigate tight turns, working their edges while maintaining puck control, forcing them to play “heads up hockey”. The two Weave Agility configurations are:


The Transition Agility test is used to evaluate an athlete’s agility and directional transitions between forwards and backwards skating both with and without a puck. An athlete must be able to change direction quickly while keeping their footwork clean, and maintaining or gaining speed. The two Transition Agility configurations are:


Upon completion of WHL Combine testing, each participant will receive the following:

  • Athlete Report: individual athlete results and combine comparative results to event peers
  • Sport Pulse: progress report comparing all historical individual athlete testing results
  • Access to WHL Database: compare your results to over 10,000 athletes tested with WHL Combines
  • Access to Sport Testing Database: compare your results to over 25,000 athletes tested with SportTesting
  • Use your results to track your development progress, highlight areas of weakness, and target your off-ice and on-ice training needs
  • All test results from the WHL Prospect Combines are entered into the exclusive WHL Database that is shared and used by WHL General Managers and Head Scouts to track and identify athletes for their teams
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