Sunday to Friday Full Day Camp

DATE: July 16-21, 2017
AGE: Two groups (2000-2002 & 2003-2004)
 $799 (24 skater capacity)


The pace of the game of hockey has moved to a new level and the athletes that are playing the game today are being pushed to play the game faster in all aspect. This challenges the players to play under control at a high pace than ever expected. This means that players are having to play the game faster with and without the puck. 

Teaching a go first mentality and make decisions on your way through the play rather than a think first then go mentality. Learning to react within the game at high speeds.  

The camps consists of the following daily:

  • Two ice sessions – 1.25 hrs per ice time
  • One physical speed training session – 1 hour
  • One dryland session on the mechanics of body movement/speed mechanics

The camp will also include the following:

  • One personal video session of on ice mechanics
  • One personal video session of off-ice training mechanics
  • Two WHL Combine testing sessions


15-17 (2000-2002) Skaters | 13-14 (2003-2004) Skaters

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Being a part of the Okanagan Hockey Academy has been an extremely rewarding and unforgettable experience. It has enabled me to gain confidence and acquire life long skills expanding beyond the game of hockey. The balance between academics and athletics is superb, allowing you to achieve your ultimate success. The academy assisted me in achieving my dream of playing hockey at the NCAA level while studying Pre-Medicine. Without this caring support group, none of this would have been possible and I am forever grateful.